Strategic Initiatives

City of El Mirage Gateway Park

A summary of opportunities to develop:

  • A more distinctive community identity and image as the urban heart of the Northwest Valley;
  • A strong sense of destination and arrival-often as the main gateway into the Northwest Valley and the City with attractive streetscapes, iconic landscape and architectural design features, strong sightlines and orientation patterns, and land uses that reinforce the memorable image El Mirage seeks to attain;
  • A placemaking community character that strengthens the community’s pride and sense of place;
  • A sustainable community with a solid and vibrant economic base that provides long term viability;
  • A safe and efficient multimodal or multiple access transportation corridors with an optimum opportunity for transit oriented facilities and potential for pockets of high density transit-oriented development;
  • A higher density mixed use corporate campus along the Agua Fria River that includes habitat integration;
  • A strong mixed use Arts District offering compact development, a wide range of housing opportunities, densities, and products for existing and future resident artists;
  • A strong Arts Relocation Program designed to attract artists to relocate into the Arts District;
  • A fully connected open space and greenway system, opening the way for more non-motorized transportation opportunities within the City and between adjacent cities and towns;
  • A more “pedestrian/bicycle-friendly” walking and biking environment that encourages people to leave their cars behind for shorter community trips;
  • A progressive employment base-housing relationship that meets the employment needs of the community and the region, increases the sustainability of the City, and alleviates the regional transportation network;
  • An Entertainment District that takes full advantage of the Agua Fria River and offers regional entertainment and regional recreation as a way to diversify the economy;
  • An effective integration of mixed-use developments within parcels, as well as mixes of uses between parcels, that promotes a diversity of land uses where people can live, work, play; and
  • The implementation of innovative programs and features within the Designated Growth Area that will begin to distinguish El Mirage with its own identity as a distinct community apart from the surrounding towns and cities in the region.

El Mirage Fast Facts

  • Year Founded: 1937
  • Year Founded: 1937
  • Year Incorporated: 1951
  • Elevation: 1,126
  • Planning Area: 7,193 acres
  • Close to Freeways 303,101, and US 60
  • Average Daily Traffic Counts on major corridors between 30,000 to 45,000
  • Population: 31,767 2010 Census
  • Median age: 28.1
  • Median Household Income 2009: $48,641
  • Average daily water production rate: 3.5 to 6 million gallons per day
  • Annual average rainfall: 8.9 inches
  • Annual sunshine days: 310
  • Average temperatures (high/low):
    • January 67/40
    • April 85/53
    • July 106/78
    • October 88/57